Training-Educators and Administrators

Consultation Services

Student Assessment

Program Evaluation

Professional Development Topics

  • Educational Interventions

  • Special Education Programming

  • Behavior Interventions

  • Autism and Evidence Based Practices

  • Executive Function Interventions

  • Parenting Training and Coaching

  • Classroom Management

  • Building Quality Intensive Learning Centers and Special Education Programming

  • Special Education Evaluation

  • Data Collection, Progress Monitoring, and Data Based Decision Making

  • Improving Outcomes for Students receiving Special Education

Consultation Services

  • Individual Student IEP and Evaluation

  • Intensive Intervention Planning and Programming

  • School District-Home Collaboration

  • Dyslexia Intervention Systems of Support

  • Behavior Analyst- BCBA Supervision and Remote BCBA Supervision

  • LCSW Supervision, Licensed Clinical Social Work Supervision

  • Behavior Support Plan and Functional Behavior Analysis

  • Functional Analysis

Student Assessment

  • Autism Evaluation and Screening

  • Academic Evaluation: Reading, Writing, Math

  • Functional Behavior Assessment and Functional Analysis

Program Evaluation

Evaluation of programs related to school improvement, classroom management, allocation of resources